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BCI2000 Mu Rhythm "Games"

Project Members:
Lead Programmer: Jason Eaton
Maze Game Artist: Cody Bird
Ski Game Artist: Marc Morisseau

Languages: C++
Libraries: OpenGL, BCI2000 software

Date Added: 4/8/2011
File Size: 0k
Download (video): on its way

This project is the first "game" project that I have actually gotten paid for. This job position was at a lab at the University of Michigan Hospital. They are working with the BCI2000 software, a system to allow disabled people operate a computer. It works by reading the "MU" rhythm brain wave, and creating an axis of control based on whether it is high or low. The study I was hired for called for a more engaging program for learning to use the MU rhythm than the boring default task of moving a cursor left or right. The study is geared towards determining whether a more engaging program will help people learn to use the software faster.

If you scroll though the images, you can see the progression of the first game, from concept to a completed product. The last two images show the second game created for the study. It is a much simpler skiing game. The most difficult part of this project was coordinating between my boss, the designer, me the programmer, and the artist that created the images. Often I would find myself with out much work to do, waiting on getting feedback someone waiting to recive it from me.