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Collision Detection and Response

Project Members:
Writer: Jason Eaton

Languages: English

Date Added: 12/9/2006
File Size: 1,774k
Download: collisiondetection.pdf

This is a project I did as independent study for Prof. Laird. I wanted to look into simple methods used in old 8 and 16 consoles, and how they could do a good job if done right. Many people think its best to go with whats new, but isn't always the best choice. Dead Rising is a perfect example. This engine used the havok engine, but didn't use rag dolls for zombies. Zombies were basically big particles, and they used static animations for zombies, like the old school games. This may seem like older technology, but its the only way to have thier game have such a rediculus amout of zombies on the screen.