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Project Members:
Programmer: Jason Eaton

Languages: TI-Basic, ActionScript 3.0

Date Added: 12/9/2006
Download: * TI version by request *
Play it on my site, or
Play it on kongregate

This was another large game I wrote for the ti-82. If I remember correctly it eventually didn't fit onto the 82 anymore so it had to be run on an 83. Like Dragon, it does not work on the ti-83 Plus. The setup of this game was much like final fantasy. I actually modeled the engine off of a paper and pencil game I created a very long time ago. I had to cut a lot of spells, monsters and items to get the thing to fit onto the 83. As for the balance of this game, it could have been better. In the beginning of the game, you characters tend to miss a lot and wizards seem to die off pretty regularly. The three bosses in the game are also pretty easy compared to the monsters you encounter in the wilderness near them.

Since I got into flash, I decided it might be fun to port this game to actionscript. I took an image of a TI-83 calculator, and put a dynamic bitmap of black pixels for the screen. I then took actionscript and made functions to closely match the calculators functions. I literally copy and pasted the code, then alterted the syntax to match actionscript. It was tricky to convert the code to a frame based framework, I basically had to break the code up into segments where the functions that stop to wait for input (menus and such). The game can be played right here! I also uploaded this game to kongregate, that version may be found here. I used the kongregate statistics API to log high scores and differents statistics.