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Multiplayer Deathmatch Engine

Project Members:
Programmer: Jason Eaton

Languages: C++
Libraries: DX Framework

Date Added: 12/9/2006
File Size: 2,940k
Download: firstrelease.zip

This engine was designed to create the internet mega man game also on this site. The idea was to make the engine so all you would have to do to make a game is create all of the objects, much like making half-life mods.

I ran into many problems that prompted me to do the Collision Detection and Response paper. It was difficult to make sure all of the events were captured somewhere and relating object virtual functions called. One of the biggest challenges was making sure the crush method was called when an object was wedged in between two objects. I never accually solved this problem in this project.

If I ever get to work on this again, I have many new ideas to make the engine more robust. A big change would be to make the hotspots on the sprites be inside tiles when in contact with them, instead of moving the object entirely out of tiles. This way the engine will know when objects are simply in contact, and not coliding. I would also need to make a seperate object type that worked like a tilemap object, where it would move objects outside of it. This would be used for object platforms.

My hope was to make sure all of the fancy stuff you see in all of the mega man series could be implemented without changing the collision detection scheme. This project uses the DX Framework and my own DirectPlay implementation. The networking only seems to work with two players, and I can't seem to fix it because the server doesn't even acknowledge that another system is trying to connect.