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Project Members:
Programmer: Jason Eaton

Languages: ActionScript 3.0

Date Added: 4/8/2011

Play asteroids on my site, or
Play faceteroids on my site, or
Play faceteroids on kongregate

These flash games were used for tutorials that I gave at WolverineSoft to teach students how to program in ActionScript 3.0. The first tutorial was purely ActionScript compiled with the Flex framework, but the second uses the Flash IDE of CS4. All of the computers in the lab WolverineSoft reserves has copies of the most current CS on them, so a very useful for learning such expensive software.

I can write the entire game in about two hours with the IDE with the source code snippets starting in text files. These are nice tutorials for teaching how to utilize the functions already present in the ActionScript display list programming model. I tried to write as little code as possible to get this game running. The most difficult thing to do is map the collision detection to the drawings, since I allowed people to draw thier own ships/asteroids. It allowed people to get those creative juices going. Basically I told them to make thier drawings fit in circles, and to hard code the radius of each object in the constructor. Not very elegant, but easy to understand.