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Project Members:
Lead Programmer: Jason Eaton
Lead Artist/Menu Programmer: Jim Heimnick
AI Programmer: Michel Gimbel
Designer: Chris Judy

Languages: C++
Libraries: DX Framework

Date Added: 12/9/2006
File Size: 5,525k
Download: hexspace.zip

This game was created with an older version of the DX Framework I used to create the rest of the games on this page. It was made for a software engineering class with two other people. I was the lead programmer and gave out tasks to the other team members. Got an A on the project, but because I put so much time into the actual project, I nearly failed the class. I ran into a big design problem in giving out tasks to the other team members, and had to rewrite a good portion of the code.

What I did is I told one member to write the game class that is just passed moves, and allows the state of the board to be returned. unfortunatly every move can go across the board, so the rendering class wouldn't see the intermediate states getting to the final state of the ship getting across the board, and thus was unable to be animated. So I rewrote the game class to be able to be iterated by one step at a time so each step could be rendered.

Making the AI module more encapelated worked out much more nicely. The person programming the AI was able to do it on a super simple program that had all of the game rules in it, and was able to plug his module right in to the main program that rendered all of the graphics.