April 08, 2011

Boy, I don't update this site very often. But here is a huge update. I added lots of projects, and recoded my entire site from scratch. No more dreamweaver, just pure html, css and javascript. It is alot more dynamic now, and even has some games that can be played.

August 04, 2009

Had to move the site off google, and in the process deleted the last update that had my flash game links. So here they are! These were all uploaded to Kongregate.

Many Worm v1.1 Flash! - This is a flash version of the QBasic game on this site. Amazingly it gets played the most, with 40,712 plays! It has an average rating of 3.24.

The Sand Man Defends Sand Land from the Monkey Horde of Doom - This is a flash version of another game also on this site. This version is a bit more refined gameplay wise, the shotgun is actually more useful, and its complete with a heads up display. It has 3,627 plays, and average rating of 2.90.

Faceteroids - This is a tutorial I wrote for WolverineSoft at the University of Michigan. It is very simple, and only has 1,264 plays and an average rating of 2.10.

October 06, 2007

I hope this is the last update to the site, I plan to use drupal to have a content management system going to simply the updating process. I added one important project, the 3d collision engine, and one silly one that I think would make a good platformer. I also added my resume to the misc. section.

December 09, 2006

Just finished up the site, still need to add more description to the text adventure game I made for a class. I need to look over the source code to remember what I wanted to say about it. Hopfully I will add some of my design docs for game designs I have come up with.