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Mage Rage

Project Members:
Programmer: Jason Eaton
Programmer: Dave Ratti

Languages: C++
Libraries: Allegro

Date Added: 12/9/2006
File Size: 188k
Download: wizmap.zip

This game was designed by me and Dave Ratti. It was to be a Liero type game (real-time worms game) with wizards that could control the elements. It was meant to have a highly interactive environment that spells could alter. Dave wrote a wind current algorithm from a siggraph paper, and I designed how the ground would be destroyed (which is what this demo shows). I also wanted to add a water simulator that used large particles to represent the liquid. I think it may be better to use less accurate systems for a speed increase, and emulate cave-ins instead of try to have them embedded in the ground destruction system. The main problem that arises in implementation is that 2d games usually try and have pseudo 3d elements (tiles may be held up by things in the background). This demo was created with allegro. The download contains some documentation on how the systems should work.