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Random Maze Generator

Project Members:
Programmer: Jason Eaton

Languages: C++
Libraries: DX Framework

Date Added: 12/9/2006
File Size: 2,975k
Download: mazes.zip

This is a generic maze generator I made for various projects. These are three different examples of how my maze generator can be used to create many different kinds of mazes.

The first image shows a maze generator that is specifically for the monkey game. You can edit the text file to create many different room definitions that are randomly chosen to make the different rooms. (room is shown to the right of the screen) Then the exits are chosen for each room to create a perfect maze (all rooms are accessible from all others).

The second image shows a maze generator that was used for a Warcraft 3 map that generates a different maze every time you play. This is a feature left out of many of these games that could use them. This way people can't memories maps and make players perform recon every time. The plus signs represent doors, the circles represent secret doors, and the colored squares represent rooms that contain object of intrest.

The last image shows a maze generator for a Warcraft 3 map that creates trees for walls. the yellow lines are tree walls that can be destroyed, the brown lines on water are bridges. The module i designed for generating mazes uses function objects to decide if a step in creating the maze is valid. The red dots on the rivers represent the side the algorithm entered in. Players would be able to walk along river banks, but not cross unless thier was a bridge, so the generator takes this into account and doesn't step over the river unless a bridge is randomly created.