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Various QBasic Programs

Project Members:
Programmer: Jason Eaton

Languages: QBasic, ActionScript 3.0

Date Added: 12/6/2006
File Size: 15k
Download: qb.zip
Play it on my site, or
Play it on kongregate

Many Worm

This was the first game (first image) I made for a PC that people could spend entire class periods enjoying and playing. One of my peers made a two player worm game that was alot of fun, but it had several bugs and not many features. So I decided to make a version that worked perfectly and allowed for players to set alot of options. I also added two extra players and a simple AI for unmanned worms. This game has no bugs I am aware of, and not even any annoying quirks.

As an exercise for learning flash, I also converted this program to ActionScript 3.0. I also uploaded it to kongregate, and amazingly it has the most plays of any game I uploaded to kongregate. Also the highest rating.


This was a simple assignment (second image) for my qbasic class in high school. The teacher wanted us to make a "hurkle" race that allowed you to make bets on which color would win. We had to make certain racers have different odds based on random movement. The teacher also gave us a challenge to make a track that wasn't strait, so I made mine a horse shoe. At the time I wasn't as good with math, so I just used the circle equation and incermented the x-axis just as if it was a strait track. Now I would use angular motion to make the hurkles take the loop much more smoothly.


This was one assignment (third image) from the qbasic class I took in high school. The assignment was to make a quiz game that allowed you to add questions easily buy simply tagging them at the end of your program via DATA commands. There wasn't much variation, but mine had wacky questions and crazy win/lose animations.