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Red Reflex

Project Members:
Lead Artist: Ian Zeilstra
Lead Programmer: Jason Eaton

Languages: C++
Libraries: DX Framework

Date Added: 12/6/2006
Download: RedReflex.zip File Size: 4,482k
Download Source: reflexsrc.zip File Size: 5,335k
Download Editor Source: reflexeditsrc.zip File Size: 4,888k

This game was made with the DX Framework as the final project for a game design class at UofM. I did all of the programming, and my partner did all of the graphics. It uses the input parser from the fighting demo.

I made a character editing program to define hit boxes for every frame of animation for collision detection. There is a very simple system for putting together combos, using a file that lists frames that lead to other frames when a button is hit at a specific time.

One fun fact about this game is the levels have infinite scrolling. the way its accually implemented is that scrolling simply translates the other character when the other reaches an edge, giving the appearance that the map scrolls. My artist spent several hours in the computer lab drawing and coloring in all of the images.