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Scorch 3D

Project Members:
Programmer: Jason Eaton
Programmer: ?
Programmer: ?
Programmer: ?

Languages: C++
Libraries: OpenGL

Date Added: 12/9/2006
Download: *NO DOWNLOAD*
(Unfortunatly I don't have a copy of the final build.)

This was the final project for my 3d Graphics class. We decided to do a 3d version of scorched earth (this is a very common idea because scorched earth was such a good game) My contrabution to this project was making volumetric fog and texture detail. My part of the program was nearly scrapped because it wouldn't work the night before the project was due. We all worked together all that night, and I wasn't satisfied with none of my work being in the final project, so I rolled up my sleaves and redid it to work with the latest build with great success. I used a tutorial online that started off freeware, but that night became buyable on CD, and not on the site anymore. So I had to do some hard searching to find some mirror that still had the files on it. Some day I would like to do a Scorch 3D that is more true to the original, with voxel graphics. Most people end up using height maps for this game, which basically makes is a different type of 2d game, instead of a 3d version of the original.