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Tube Fighter XII

Project Members:
Lead Programmer: Jason Eaton
Lead Artist: Paul Skowronek
Model: Mohammad Hussain Dar

Languages: C++
Libraries: DX Framework

Date Added: 4/8/2011
File Size: 15,994k
Download: tube.zip

This was an interesting project done for another 48 hour game programming contest. It started out as going to be a fighter using digital camera photos of the WolverineSoft president at the time. Unfortunatly the project was way too ambitious for 48 hours, so with only a like 12 hours left to spare, the whole game design shifted to wumpus world like gameplay with our animations we already took of the president.

I was suprised we had anything runing by the deadline, but we actually took 3rd place (as usual for me). I seem to have the habit of going super ambitious, then having to do something completely different due to time constraints. Fortunatly I have always have had something to show for it by the end, and I think this makes three times in a row getting 3rd place.