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Project Tunneler

Project Members:
Programmer: Jason Eaton
Programmer/Artist: Lon Matero

Languages: C++
Libraries: NukeDX

Date Added: 12/9/2006
File Size: 140k
Download: tunnel.zip

This was my first attempt at a Direct X game back in high school. There was a Pascal game we would play in class that we wanted to make an advanced version of. I was working with a person by the name of Lon Matero. He decided on using wrapper classes (NukeDX) to write this game. I was against this at first, but now I use this library for most of my programs. My own wrappers never seem to be as stable as these. Perhaps it's my poor knowledge of Windows programming. This program as it is always exits with an access violation, and since we lost the source code, there is no chance of fixing it.